QXi - Qt XInput Extension
 What's all this then?

The Qt XInput Extension is a C++ library to add support for XInput devices (like tablets or joysticks) to Qt-based X11 applications. It's licensed under Troll Tech's QPL, just like the free edition of Qt.

As of now, QXi supports devices with up to six valuator axes in absolute mode, up to 32 buttons, and a virtually unlimited number of keys. Yes, that means that Wacom tablets more or less work already. Use of these devices' capabilities from within Qt is just slightly more difficult than handling the mouse.

Support for relative mode, devices with ridiculous numbers of axes, motion history, and even grabbing is still forthcoming. So is documentation, unfortunately, but then again, if you're not willing to study some source to use this library, then it's not yet for you. That should however change soon.

 What's new?

Right now, the whole thing is new. ;) It was written over the weekend in response to a request on the qt-interest mailing list. Once things have settled down a bit, actual news will be added to this page right here.

 Where do I get it?

QXi is available in source form from SourceForge, the undisputed #1 in open source project hosting.

Grab the first release in .tar.gz format right here (132KB), or use anonymous CVS to stay ahead of the crowd.

Once you have it, you can build it in standard GNU autoconf fashion (configure; make; make install). Then, you can start fixing the bugs. ;)

 Whom can I flame for it?

The primary perpetrator of this hack is reachable via e-mail as pnambic@unu.nu, or via the forums conveniently located at QXi's SourceForge Project page.

If you have any experience with XInput or XLib programming in general, or if you have too much time on your hands, or - ideally - if both of these conditions are true, there's always a space reserved for you under this heading.

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